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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 2, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> it was really bad. >> the whole neighborhood, everybody in the neighborhood came around trying to help.
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>> from the susquehanna bank sports center, this is 11:00 sports. captioned by the national captioning institute [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> and good times for the orioles. for all the frustration early on with mark reynolds, he has been well rewarded. a day for reynolds. he did not have a great day. they say he took a hit. bottom to, chris -- his first
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game this year for the yankees. to run shot to the right in a hurry. the yankees were up to -- 2-0. he had to leave with a short arm. the best weekend on the road against new york for an oriole in 31 years. the shot -- 2-1. off of the scrap heap and into the win column. one run -- top 6, orioles back. it is now a 14-game hitting streak against the yankees. two men on, the last of his luncheon for the weekend. they have a three-run shot. the series push for an oriole -- they had to wait -- you have to go back to 81 to see that in the bronx. a three-hit today for the next. that was the final period orioles win all three series in new york this year against the yankees. mark reynolds was the star.
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>> mark has come through in thick and thin. he is a good teammate and competitor. let's see how good i can play first base. this is good to see a good thing happening to somebody who has done it the right way. >> relevant. they stay in one game and a half up on a tampa. in the wild card, oakland keeps on winning. the orioles had the second wild card right now. the ravens have the weekend off in terms of traffic, but they keep shipping the roster. they pick a player who had been cut by the patriots on friday. they won 12 games in the past since 2011. he broke his leg and another remained sidelined with concussion issues.
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no encounter in the roster as of yet. the baltimore grand prix -- by most accounts the of that some -- ran smoothly. the defending champion had the opportunity -- he just had to keep ryan hunt a way out of the winner's circle. he held off enough to get there without any issues. carpenter -- i do not know what they put those things there. a tough day for him. nine laps left. he lagged perfectly, hit the gas, it took the lead. race officials called it. he looked -- he never took black -- back. he never looked back. he goes in for the title. >> the only thing i had to do in the day was winning, or i would end up in the wall. we did it. greatest moments came at the u.s. open.
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he said the 2012 open will be his last as a pro. he is retiring. he delayed retirement for at least in the day. a third-round game. in the forecourt. a little drop shot. look at that. but he is still getting one. look at this. through the legs. a great shot for riddick. -- roddick, his reaction was priceless. a certain winner for andy ro ddick, who lives to play another day. the paralympics took up with b olympics left off. a few local swimmers. today, baltimore's rebecca meyers made her way to the podium. she claimed bronze in the freestyle.
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a swimmer with degenerative eye sight, she continues to inspire. a great effort in the pool for her first career. please stay with us, another check on the forecast after this.
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